Yes, we are working on a new album!

We have not been posting lately, for lots of reasons.  Dale and Alan have both had some other projects they have been working on.  Dale recorded and released a brand new BRIDE album this year, entitled "Snake Eyes".  This album returns to the old school BRIDE sound that everyone loves.  You MUST check it out.  He has also been involved with new projects from PERPETUAL PARANOIA and N.O.G, both killer bands that you need to hear.  Alan has been working on an alt. folk project that should be released this winter.  We will keep you posted on all the latest news as it develops.

They guys have not neglected TWWB during this time, and have been writing and recording for the next album, which is untitled at this time.  They have some really cool surprises coming, and you will find out about them first if you join our mailing list!  The new album will be concept, making it much more elaborate musically and thematically than the past two.  More details to follow soon...check back often!