When you walk through the fire you won't be burned 

sins and tragedies 

If you'd rather be dead than famous you might just get your wish 

sins and tragedies 

I am Adam I am Adam I've gone gone - Adam's gone Mad 

If I make my bed in hell you are there you're everywhere 

If I make my bed in hell you are there sins and tragedies 

How can you love when you are afraid? Living on the edge of the world 

sins and tragedies 

We forget what we want to remember and we remember what we want 

to forget. Dreaming in our waking moments, In our sleep 

we have regrets 

Adam's gone mad, I am Adam -I am Adam I've gone mad 

Sins and Tragedies. 

Gorge on meat until you choke to death intoxicated unclean 

Breath your last breath fashion yourself in ignorance and bliss 

I become a stranger, a war in my soul swelling word of vanity 

Silver and Gold 

Hell is naked before you, destruction, there's no covering 

Sins and tragedies.



First begotten of the dead 

Failed in love, failed in peace, failed devotion 

fell upon my knees, Failed confusion, failed in truth, 

But when it comes to my sin it's always me not you 

Marching through the keyhole to freedom 

teaching them a New Song  

Sweeping through the chambers where phantoms ruled 

Following the drops of blood that builds a road back to you 

Bringing them all to resolution some so as by fire 

even the disobedient, sordid sinners 

and their splendid sins 

First begotten of the dead among the crude violence, absolute incoherence, 

preaching to the spirits in prison who now wear the placid mask of servility 

The leprosy of sin had eaten at their souls 

We haven't taken our first breath today you can't go back in time 

but you can bring your past with you. 

They had become monstrous marionettes making gestures 

mocking the living the actuality of the impressions of man. 

These are those who had found charm in fascination and disobedience 

now being led from death - hell and the grave. 

Failed in love, failed in peace, failed devotion 

fell upon my knees, Failed confusion, failed in truth, 

But when it comes to my sin it's always me not you 

Love is life, without love there is no life and death is the cloak that you wear 

In the catacombs of faith, cemeteries of religion 

Some have died never receiving the promise of the truth 

In the caverns of darkness not a flicker of light 

I ask you what remains



The memory is burned in my mind 

all hell is breaking loose 

Sing about heaven when you feel like hell 

because in hell I will praise you 

When you lose everything 

betrayed by your best friend 

when the world rejects you 

forsaken even in the end 

My God My God why have you forsaken me 

Sing with me in my hell 

You may believe in hell 

But no one believes in hell. 

What did I say? No one believes in hell.



To burn or not to burn 

The thought has never entered my mind 

I'd walk through the flames for you 

I've been through the fires of hell 

And I have the ashes to prove it 

Oooh what do I do now that I've seen the Rainbows End? 

God to the power of ten



God is ever present He is never absent 

He is the consuming fire 

All love, all consuming, all fire 

The fires of Pentecost fill this place 

Hades is thrown into the Lake of Fire 

and death shall be no more 

Heaven is my lake of fire 

Divinity is the brimstone that I seek 

Light destroys the dark 

Life is the death of death 

Truth destroys the lie 

Logos consumes chaos 

Love fills all things 

Hope destroys Hopelessness 

Love fills all things 

faith destroys unfaithfulness



Who can tell me, Who is the song? 

Who will tell me, Who will believe our report? 

No one believes so low 

No one can believe 

Can you tell me, The abyss of the sea? 

Can you tell me, the depths of the earth? 

Can you tell me about 

the  darkness the weeping and gnashing of teeth 

Can you tell me is it true bout this world? 

The grave is where I've made my bed 

In the valley of the dead. 

Don't think it is strange that it has happened to you 

Fear none of these things you will suffer 

Be faithful 

Can you tell me is there a song in hell? 

Can you tell me who would believe our report? 

Can you tell me about the abyss of the sea 

Can you tell me  about the depths of the earth 

It's in this world. 

No one believes so low 

No one sings 

When the light scampers dragging hope and vision into the unknown darkness 

eagerly, immediately, with all expediency takes it's place swelling blackness 

creating a fearful blindness. Oh Light bless my soul cold and hard 

that I do not mistake the day for the night. 

For who knows the difference between the sunrise and the sunset 

if not for the changing melodies of the song birds making tunes. 

In this world you've got to believe, 

no one sings in hell.










No one believes in hell  

Be moved by the resonating sounds  

the gates of hell cannot prevail  

shattered by the sounds of praise  

The King of Heaven won't stop singing  

Jericho's walls came crashing down  

when the children marched and sang  

Singing from the belly of the beast  

the beast cannot stomach the song  

The prison doors are opened by a mighty earthquake  

In this year of Jubilee Jesus sang His song  

Stretching out like an invisible thread  

into the silver mist  

Lost in the torments of my reckoning  

Mercy begs for company  

wading the flames that keep me thinking  

listen for the symphony 



Night prowler fearing day lonely independent aglow  

Indeflectable cold not bent or bribed rarified in the atmosphere of solitude  

He was a contradiction lived among the suicides without an inclination  

of the void  

Going back to the all returning to God  

to surrender to be extinguished to back to the fall  

The magic threatens the day of humanity  

lightening strikes the day  

Suspicion superstition division contradiction  

a judge recognizes his own possibilities  

delusion, confusion optical illusion  

Magic threatens humanity 



A nervous twitch a habitual tick haha  

Act naturally we are alone together this could be amazingly awful  

or this could be bitter sweet. I can see you are clearly confused because of the  

loud whispers. Because silence is deafening, the world is growing smaller. Definitely, maybe a fine mess. We only have one choice and I must say it is painfully  

beautiful. There was a random order among the small crowd. I can believe anything provided that it is quite incredible, But I am absolutely unsure. Busy doing nothing but making sweet sorrow we were almost exactly where we ought to be. No one will convince us that anarchy doesn't rule. With balanced insanity we ran into a string of bad luck. Feeling better than new we soaked up the black light. Taking a calculated risk and being cautiously optimistic and knowing we were in a tragic comedy I found my comrade to be a deaf listener. Like two escaped inmates we found ourselves being extremely neutral. We had our eyes wide shut during this entertaining predictably random sermon about a Stranger in a strange land. What were those hysterical sounds? He was preaching religious tolerance and it was remotely obvious that we would be caught in rush hour. But it was pure speculation on our part. That would throw us into a great depression and we felt half dead already. Being uncommonly normal we were in harmonious discord and feeling like holy hell. I was hopeful pessimist and he remained hopelessly optimistic. I'll admit once again we had a huge under abundance a shortage of morbid humor and only mildly psychotic behavior. We were like no-stick glue minus the numbing sensation. It was like marital bliss. I was a man child and he was a mannish woman, a real lady killer but he had a mean smile. This would be my worst favorite day to show off my lame skills. Less is more and there is a lesser evil. Now that would be willfully negligent splitting a whole half of a glazed doughnut with our unknown identities.  

I don't know everything but what I know is I know more than you. Genius is measured by what you know not what you share with others.  

The sky was my office in the landscapes of my mind. I am just a pedestrian. When the morning sun begins to shine, I've seen angels but many more devils. They ride on the clouds of imaginations but we are the children of God. We are covered by the blood. I can do nothing without my mind. Success is an illusion, a dream, never come true for most artist and poets that detest commercial viability. Once they accept you / you are no longer relevant of influential and your lone star fades into nothingness. 



All that go down to the dust will bow their knee  

I will proclaim His righteousness set this generation free  

It is finished deliver up this Spirit  

It is finished This breath It is finished this voice  

It is finished  

from the fires of Pentecost  

Jericho's walls come crashing down  

Sing in prison the city will shake to the ground  

The doors will come open from the belly of the beast  

Can't stomach the song that we sing  

Hell is cast into heaven  

death is no more  

He is the King that won't stop singing  

Be moved by the resonating sounds  

or shattered by the sound of praise  

be shattered by the sound of praise  

Jesus sang My God My God  

It's the Hallelujah 



Were you in the garden with me?  

Were you in the fiery furnace ?  

Were you in the belly of the whale with me?  

Were you 40 days and 40 nights without food or water   

Were you born into obscurity   

Were you on the tree of pain in agony  

Were you entombed in a dark grave with me?  

Did you resurrected with me  did you ascend with me?  

Did you return with me to reveal a grand kingdom  

within the heart of every man   

I am purged in the fires of adversity  

I am cleansed and drowned beneath  

In the ancient ruins of Babylon  

the more I pray my soul to keep  

Tormented by soulless void in the crater of malignancy  

the stillness has become deafening and I am dancing mad  

Peering into the vastness waiting for the world to implode  

The rhythm of creation melting blackness like the shedding of skin  

The wind strips away the darkness  

ghastly and pale with grand eloquent tone 



Nothings as real as it seems  

This is a true myth, I was on a working vacation I was dodging friendly fire  

I was dreaming of jumbo shrimp when something properly ridiculous occurred.  

This turned into another fine mess. I was thriving on good wit  

and spontaneous conversation also mostly I was the object of contempt.  

It was a effortless, difficult thing like climbing down from my lowest point  

like a heavy diet, being fatigued and stressed out, I fell clumsily, I fell without  

purpose, on purpose like a lead balloon rising like a rock from the depths of  

the ocean. This was a minor crisis, water was conspicuously absent. It was a  

crash landing on a red ant hill at deliberate speed with a dull roar.  

Same difference as standing down. If I could exactly estimate through  

this endless hour of festive tranquility and having a faint pulse  

I would guess that I was going down in history, like a hubcap off a 63 Buick  

Riviera unfurling like a UFO as the large half of this liquid marble we call  

earth. Nothing less refreshing half dead with lips loosely sealed with melancholy merriment.  

It was a minor miracle and pretty ugly with my poor health and sad smile.  

Same difference I suppose. I suppose I found this loss of controlled catastrophe and zero  

tolerance terribly pleasing  and seriously funny. Profusely damning there was no way to  

circumvent the consequences. Through me screaming, I was led away, it was like a silent  

scream. I still felt terribly good, I counted this as a win win under the all seeing satellite.  

Though a theatrical experience like an upward fall through now and then I wished this were  

taped live so I could watch it again and again. This was a true myth about a lead balloon. At  

least the Good Lord spared me injuries and unnecessary bruises to prove a point.  Lead  

Balloons don't fly. Nothings as real as it seems. 





Burning in the fire and the flame
Feeling drawn like a moth to the candle’s refrain

Has your skin crawled
Like a spider up a wall
Have the hairs stood on the back of your neck
Have you got that lump stuck in your throat
And convinced yourself not to look back

Absolute power corrupts absolutely

What do you really want
What would you do if it’s given to you

Moving forward to the beginning
Back to the present past
And if it’s love how long will it last

What did you see in the corner of your eye
Do you believe someone is watching you
Have you ever had dejavu
And the joke’s on you
Cause it just happens and there is nothing you can do

Absolute power corrupts absolutely


I feel what I feel
It all seems real
Yet my eyes are so dim
Happenstance and wanderlust

There is meaning to every breath
There is hope in every season
I long for the melody called
The man of dust

As the wind takes my breath
My back arches, arms stretched
I think about a swan dive
Into the glorious abyss

A wish, a meaningful kiss
It all seems like bliss
Until the real is spoken
And breaks the silence of
Every lovely thing

I am the biggest fool
The world can be so cruel
I have followed my own rules
To what end


If my sins will keep you out of your heaven
Then whose sins did Jesus die for?
If I were to miss the mark
Would you want to punish me?

I was looking for a bleeding rose
A thorn to heal a wounded soul
A cross to bear, a star to shine
Leave them alone they are the blind leading the blind

Looking for saints that will judge the world
Looking for a brand new song

Changing who I am for what I’m supposed to be
Fate is my destiny
It is the real me


I am breathing agitation I am ready to blow
I feel screaming aggravation in my ears
I feel I am the smartest man alive
The dead know nothing; Oh my God I am alive

The world spins with idiocy
It reeks of hypocrisy
It breeds pacificity
Defined by religious creeds

I am the madman in your dreams
Tell me, what do you see
Is there life after death
Cause if there is I am ready to breathe


Sometimes we are deliberate
When we watch the monsters feed on us
From the open wounds
As the world bleeds
And all that we have learned
Is that the world will burn

You never see me
You see only me
but not the real me unseen
Dying beneath your feet

The world sleeps while
I look on from above
The vapour revealed and open and
Without disguise
And in the end the poet
In me will cast
Himself upon the bloody
Canvas and pour you
A picture that you
Might see

You never see me
You see only me
but not the real me unseen
Dying beneath your feet

I paint a picture
I use every color known to man
I write and I sing
I give all I can

You never see me
You see only me
but not the real me unseen
Dying beneath your feet


Every time I crave the forbidden
I ask myself will I be forgiven
Forgiven for the passions and desires
I could not refrain in my final hour

Why the affliction, the helpless addiction
Is there a reason for my condition
I long for identity my sole religion
What is it that clouds my vision

The devil is in the detail
Wait and see
What is meant to be
What was never seen
Unless you dream the dream

Is there a reason that I exist
Why Jesus took the Judas kiss
Only to burn at the core
Why don’t I have the answers anymore

How obscure are your thoughts
Do you shut out everything
Imagine your dreams
Interrupted by everything
When you could dream and you could wish
Who is guilty pleads down on bended knee
With hushed whispers they bleed
Draw a line, Boast a creed
Until we are free

Can you remember the day of silent bliss
With a melody playing in your head
Check your pulse to make sure you’re not dead


Before the break of day
I am on my knees to pray
I believe and I receive
And through it all I will conceive

I am thankful
For all that I have
I am gracious
For all that I can give

I can move mountains I can part the sea
Anyone wants to know then come fly with me
Take the wongs of eagles into the sky
Have no fear of height cuz I ain’t going to die
No one wants to die
No one checks the time
Hear the chime
No one wants to die

Use me and send me
Anoint my head bless my feet
Raise me up set me on high
Prepare me for the everlasting ride


I bought a one way ticket
Left all that I knew
I found me an adventure
It was just me and you

We explored together
Through the sun and the rain
We went to the ocean
The mountains and the plains

We took our love higher
Than anyone needed to know
We fell for each other
In a burning sunset glow

We drank our wine
I sang you songs
We lived our life
Far from anyone

We learned the riff
Performed like we could not miss a beat
Like Jesus at the last supper
We were saying goodbye

I loved you hard
You loved me well
We left our mark
From heaven to hell

We gave each other all
We took what we were given
And the end never came
Because we were living


Remember the days when life seemed real
Before we filled our minds with knowledge
Of how to love and how to kill

Everyone thinks that they are special
Everyone thinks that they are unique
Everyone thinks that they have the answers
But everybody we’re just freaks

We ran carefree aimlessly without
A thought or a care
We didn’t worry about the dirt on our face
Or the wind in our hair

I want my place in the sun
I just wanna have some fun

We were living yeah we were alive
Never thinking about the day we would die

Pre Verse:
Those were the days, Lazy playful days
That lasted forever
Never forget what we were
The last days of our youth


I am the lightning flung from the sky
I am the knife in attempted suicide
I am disease deep in your bones
I am the drug that takes you home

I am the blood splattered on the wall
I am the emergency where no one calls
I am code blue on a lonely highway
I am the death of tomorrow, hell is today

You see me coming
You have invited me in
You swore you knew what love was
But all you got was a little sin

I am the thief on the left side
I was the kiss drove the nail in tight
I am your seven year tribulation
I am the unseen in the darkest night

I am the person, I am the place, I am the time
I am the who, the where, the when and I am the why


Sometimes you push me
And I say this hurts
Please, please don't do this
You say I know

You say it coldly
As if I have no soul
My soul longs
for the taste of true satisfaction

Close the door
lock yourself away
pretend it doesn't matter
But I say it does

When I hurt
You should feel the pain
and you should not question
The reason why

So wash your hands
I feel sick
I heave and I yield
But I am going to live

The world has always treated me this way
Nothing ever goes my way
My word has never been law
My desires all crumble and fall

Why! Tell me WHY?
I question and I oh I
Never mind

No-one listens,
No-one believes
I am a lonely man
I am instantly frozen beneath the ice

Now I want to fight
best not stand between me
My heart is ripped in two
Now I die twice.


Torment you don’t know what’s in my mind
Torment you don’t know what I am thinking
Torment you don’t know my time
Torment you can’t guess my crime

What doesn’t kill you
Makes you crazy
The rage is all that I see
It’s all about you
It’s all about me

A fever, a needle
Cold sweat, blood drips
Cold chills, body aches, mind numb
Never saw it coming

Eyes blurred, heart racing
Hands shake, world quakes
Skin of fire sting behind my eyes
Never saw it coming

Longing for normality
Needing a friendly face
Wrapped in loneliness
Never saw it coming


Saying goodbye this airport – is so large
Watching my little boy – become a man
Joined the cause to liberate – gave his life to serve
My son is off to war
My son is off to war
That kid trains hard that kid bruises and bleeds
That kid gives his all
For family country and beliefs
Not afraid of battle
But he thinks of home
Band of brothers tied together joined by a common cause
Foreign lands strange events I pray for him everyday
Can't imagine what he might see
A hundred days in
Loses friends and innocence
Crying in a tent
Trying not to be heard
Comrades in arms all cry
No regret to fight
But something remains
With them in their dreams
Forever with them in their dreams
Every day is hard nothing can take away the pain
Victory is sweet but short lived
Loneliness is never far away
Doesn’t help to close his eyes
Because it’s all surreal
Always flashing images
Pictures and feelings that crumble him
Tour is over he returns
home a changed man, lost my boy
And now I am introduced to man that calls me dad
He is who I admire standing in awe of all that he has become
All that he will do and all he has done for me