Video for "The More Things Change" has been released

Our video for the song "The More Things Change" from the album "Severity" has finally been released!  You can view it on the front page of the website or at the "VIDEO" sub-heading.  We extend a very special thank you to Ryan Pierson with FilmSalad Productions for all of his hard work.  Those involved include :

Director - Ryan Pierson 
Story Writer - Shawn Saavedra 
Cinematographer - Nick LaRovere 
Assistant Director - James Jines 

Starring: Andres Galindo, Kimberly Serena, Revrand Fishcrackers 

Special thanks - Music Standz and Philip Walker (appearing as the silhouetted "fake band"). 

Crew: Chris Will, Blake Hyman, Maurice Isheja, Revrand Fishcrackers

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