New BRIDE album!

Dale's original band, and the one from whom it all began, is BRIDE and they have a smokin' new album called "Here is your God".  It is a fantastic work and you can get it HERE>  This one won't disappoint…


Christmas Sale, the lowest prices ever on our music.

Times are hard, and we understand that.  The Covid pandemic has make the essentials hard for millions of people.  We also know that music is a small pleasure that can help us maintain our sanity and help us feel normal…


New video for "Rainbow's End" and a SALE in our store.

"Nothing's as Real as It Seems" have been a big success and we thank you all.  The second single from the album is "Rainbow's End".  Check out the really cool video for the song.  If you don't have the album…


New single, new video!

Our new album "Nothing's as Real as It Seems" is now available!  The pre-orders are being shipped and new orders will be mailed quickly.  If you hurry, you should get yours by Christmas so head over to our store and…

Change in line up

Due to scheduling conflicts, we were not able to get together with Michael Feighan to record drums on our new album "Nothing's as Real as It Seems".  We hope to work together in the future.  We are excited to announce…

New album, new drummer!


Dale and Alan are excited to announce that the amazing Michael Feighan, well known as the drummer for Whitecross, will be joining TWWB!  The title of the third album is "NOTHING IS AS REAL AS IT SEEMS" and it promises to elevate to a new level with Michael bringing the pounding grooves!  Michael has scored all the songs and will be entering the studio in the next week or two.  More info coming soon!




Here it is, for a limited time only!  Both CDs, Severity and RuiNation, for less than 10 bucks!  T-shirts, while they last, for less than 10 bucks!  Head over to the store NOW!


Yes, we are working on a new album!

We have not been posting lately, for lots of reasons.  Dale and Alan have both had some other projects they have been working on.  Dale recorded and released a brand new BRIDE album this year, entitled "Snake Eyes".  This album…