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Change in line up 

Due to scheduling conflicts, we were not able to get together with Michael Feighan to record drums on our new album "Nothing's as Real as It Seems".  We hope to work together in the future.  We are excited to announce Aaron Bushong has taken up the task and is almost finished recording his amazing abilities for the album.  Aaron's drums are big and bold!  You may know him best as drummer for The Great Flood Catastrophe.  He is a highly sought after studio drummer as well.  We can't wait for you to hear this new album and direction for us.

Tony Pedley named as Executive Producer on the new TWWB album 

The World Will Burn is very pleased to announce that Tony Pedley, of Manawatu, New Zealand, has signed on the be the Executive Producer of their new album.  Tony has been a fan of the band from the beginning, and formed a friendship with singer Dale Thompson, who also lives in New Zealand.  Tony has a wide variety of musical interests but developed his keen ear listening to classics like Aerosmith and Alice Cooper.  He was been a fan of Thompson's band BRIDE for many years, and has been watching and supporting the development of The World Will Burn since their debut album in 2016.  States Pedley "As you can imagine the chance to finally meet Dale and assist Alan and him on their next project was a no brainer.  I am extremely proud of their work and excited to be assisting them on their next endeavor. "  

Dale, Alan and Michael are excited to add Tony's ear and talents to the new album.  Check back often for more updates posted here first.

New album, new drummer! 


Dale and Alan are excited to announce that the amazing Michael Feighan, well known as the drummer for Whitecross, will be joining TWWB!  The title of the third album is "NOTHING IS AS REAL AS IT SEEMS" and it promises to elevate to a new level with Michael bringing the pounding grooves!  Michael has scored all the songs and will be entering the studio in the next week or two.  More info coming soon!


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Yes, we are working on a new album! 

We have not been posting lately, for lots of reasons.  Dale and Alan have both had some other projects they have been working on.  Dale recorded and released a brand new BRIDE album this year, entitled "Snake Eyes".  This album returns to the old school BRIDE sound that everyone loves.  You MUST check it out.  He has also been involved with new projects from PERPETUAL PARANOIA and N.O.G, both killer bands that you need to hear.  Alan has been working on an alt. folk project that should be released this winter.  We will keep you posted on all the latest news as it develops.

They guys have not neglected TWWB during this time, and have been writing and recording for the next album, which is untitled at this time.  They have some really cool surprises coming, and you will find out about them first if you join our mailing list!  The new album will be concept, making it much more elaborate musically and thematically than the past two.  More details to follow soon...check back often!

Music from TWWB will be featured as the soundtrack to a new film! 

TWWB is very pleased to announce that our music will be featured as the soundtrack to the uncoming movie "Seven Gates - Where Angels Fall."  This animated apocalyptic film is currently in the works and produced by RK Souliske.  It seems that TWWB will be providing THE soundtrack to the movie and not just a single song, which is an amazing opportunity and a super cool concept.  More information to be posted when it becomes available.  You can check out the press release about the announcement.  Press Release

New single and video! 

We have just dropped our second single from "RuiNation".  The song is "We All Die Alone" and we are very pleased with how it turned out.  You can check it out in our VIDEO section.  If you have joined our mailing list, you already know about it because members got the first look at it.  Be sure to join our list  before you leave so you can get the latest news and information before anyone else.  

We can't do it without you! 

We have some exciting news!  A new video will soon be available from "RuiNation".  The first look at it will be for those that have joined our mailing list, so be sure to drop by and add your email address.  We will email you the link as soon as it is ready, and before anyone else can see it.  "RuiNation" is still growing but we still need your help.  Please help us out by rating and reviewing it on iTunes, Amazon, and similar sites.  Like and follow us on Facebook.  Order a copy for a friend that might like it.  Finally, please tell everyone!  If YOU don't tell your friends about TWWB, they will never know what we are doing.  


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